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Connecting Neurodiverse Families (CNDF).

We started off, like all good start-ups, by meeting around a kitchen table to work out how we can make life a little easier for neurodiverse families in Tadcaster and the surrounding area.

After quite a bit of discussion (as well as tea and biscuits), we figured it’s all about connection.

We connect neurodiverse families, parents, carers and kids with each other and with the information and support they need.

Connecting Neurodiverse Families (CNDF) is run by a small group of passionate, committed parent and carer volunteers who recognise the many strengths of our neurodiverse kids, the challenges they face and the importance of creating an environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential.

We have first-hand experience of trying to navigate the long, complex journey to get our children and our families the support they need to thrive. We know it can be lonely, bewildering, exhausting and scary. A rollercoaster without any brakes.

All of us at CNDF desperately needed support before and after our children were formally diagnosed and we couldn’t find an organisation or group where we could meet with other families and people who simply understood and shared similar experiences in our area.

At CNDF, we want to change things for the better through a peer-support network where people can find useful information and helpful resources about autism, ADHD and neurodiversity and connect with other people who so they can better support their child.


Your child doesn’t need a formal diagnosis to join our groups, in fact many parents and carers who attend are on a waiting list for an assessment.  Everyone is welcome and everyone is included.


At Connecting Neurodiverse Families you’ll find a safe, non-judgemental space.  Our values are trust, empathy and support and when you join a group or session, we ask you to embrace them too.

We don’t pretend we know it all, and we aren’t medical professionals so we can’t give you medical advice.  But we can support you and signpost where to get the help you need.  We also know the value and strength of other people ‘getting it’ without having to explain.  Whether that’s supporting kids with high anxiety before they go to school each morning, a meltdown in a shopping centre or restaurant, picking up the pieces after being your son or daughter has been bullied, understanding the mountains of paperwork to get an Educational Health Care Plan, talking to school about needs, waiting for a CAMHS professional to call and all the day-to-day things to help our kids get through the day, we get it.

Every 2nd Friday at 10:30 am
Every 4th Tuesday at 6:30 pm
(not during school holidays)

For more information contact:

WhatsApp: 07563729603
Our Contact Us Page
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if you don’t have email on your device

We also welcome families of neurodivergent children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, sensory processing difficulties etc who need an understanding space to speak with others.

For our future vision and strategy for the group, please view Our Strategy 2023 -2028

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